Formation of Yuwa Cabinets: We will form Yuwa Cabinets composed of college students who have demonstrated a commitment to environmental sustainability and waste management during our inter-college competition in phase 1. The Yuwa Cabinets will serve as a platform for young people to provide feedback to the government on policies and programs related to waste management, environmental sustainability, and the well-being of young people. One of the main objectives of the Yuwa Cabinets will be to empower its members to sustain waste management initiatives across their campuses and city. The Cabinet will also organize events and initiatives that promote waste management and environmental sustainability, while providing leadership and mentorship opportunities for its members.

Support development of a toolkit that serves as a handbook for Yuwa Cabinets consisting of roles and responsibility, duties, SOPs etc. The activity would inculcate ownership in the students and create self-reliant youth-led Yuwa Cabinets that solve civic SWM issues and inculcate behavioural change in the community around waste and its impact on climate change.

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