Research and Advocacy

Focused Policy & Research Interventions
for better SWM implementation in
eco-sensitive Indian Himalayan Regions

Examine, Design, Implement!

Waste Warriors partners with academic institutions think tanks, and other non-profits to design and implement policy advocacy and research projects with specific objectives. The need for policy advocacy arises from our field experience and understanding of policy bottlenecks to sustainable solution design and effective implementation of solid waste management in eco-sensitive regions of the Indian Himalayas.

Policy Advocacy

There is a strong need for convergence between departments and customization of solid waste management policies for IHR. We work closely with the Forest Department, Tourism Department, Panchayati Raj Department, State Pollution Control Board, Department of Science and Technology, Urban, and Rural Development Departments, to build synergies in their policies with respect to solid waste management. We work with partners to build a case for policy advocacy specifically for managing sanitary waste, as strong demand has arisen from the communities we work with.

Environmental Impact of Waste

There is insufficient local data on the environmental impacts of waste on the Indian Himalayan Region. There is a need to research on the externalised costs of plastics, the impacts of waste on wildlife, and on human health etc.

Behaviour Change

There is a science and art behind behaviour change of people for social good. Approaching behaviour change through a scientific lens and developing frameworks to track changes over time allows for a more strategic approach in designing future interventions at scale.

Technology Solutions

Waste Warriors promotes innovative technology solutions that are highly customised for the regions that we work in considering the terrain, remoteness etc. This could include innovation at every step of the value chain from collection, storage, sorting, processing, or transportation. For example – portable baling machines, adapting local technologies like water mills etc.

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