About Ecolympics

Ecolympics, a pivotal facet of Project YUWA led by Waste Warriors Society in Dehradun, engages college students in a month-long city-wide competition aimed at tackling environmental issues through innovative solutions. This immersive experience fosters problem-solving and decision-making skills while focusing on resolving local ecological concerns. Student teams from diverse educational institutions collaborate, undertaking graded pro-environmental activities, guided by standardized guidelines and evaluation criteria. Tasks encompass waste management and climate action, aiming to broaden participants’ perspectives on environmental impact

Teams, comprising seven to twenty members, register for this dynamic contest, guided and motivated to execute tasks addressing specific issues. Successful task completion is substantiated through evidence, followed by evaluation by an expert panel. Points are awarded, and real-time updates are provided on an online leaderboard, creating an engaging competitive spirit. Ecolympics integrates reflective sessions, community interaction, and skill-building, cultivating a holistic understanding of environmental contributions.

The finale acknowledges winners based on cumulative points, celebrating their dedication. Waste Warriors Society’s Ecolympics empowers Dehradun’s youth, inspiring proactive civic engagement and elevating awareness of everyday environmental heroism, fostering an impactful movement against climate challenges.

Ecolympics 2023 Recap